Coming Onboard Means Joining the Family

We are a Nigerian-based Media Startup, where we transcend boundaries and connect with diverse communities worldwide. We are dedicated to delivering evergreen web content that enhances and enriches lives.

Meet the team

Adetola Adegbohun

(Head of Content)

Adetola currently leads the search intent team at Deedeesmedia with responsibilities bordering Content Strategy, Creative Content Direction, SEO, and PR.

With competencies in Digital Strategy, Digital Publishing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Product Development, and Public Relations, Adetola is currently building a team with a core focus on web content that is easy to read, authentic, and relatable, connecting with netizens in the simplest of ways, and reaching out to a global audience with a unique African tone.

Adetola’s mission is to make web content on the internet great again (MACIGA).

Christiana Acha

(Chief Editor)

Christiana Acha Okoeguale is the chief editor at Deedeesmedia.

She has worked as an editor, content creator, digital marketer, and writer since 2018. She’s responsible for crafting the editorial vision and direction for content on several websites

Vitalis Kalu

(Content Manager)

Vitalis Kalu is a multiple award-winning Author of self-help books.

He is a personal development enthusiast, a tech lover, with a deep love for writing and coding. Vitalis is passionate about creating new things, bringing out the best in people, speaking to people to bring about paradigm shifts, and helping them become their greatest version.

With his passion to understand the human mind, he uses his writing as a means of expressing himself and reaching out to millions of people who have closed their minds and hearts to love.

Today, he has dedicated his time writing to reach a larger audience.

Emmanuel Ashemiriogwa

(Lead Writer)

With a solid experience in Journalism, multimedia, and On-Page SEO, Emmanuel Ashemiriogwa helps netizens with evergreen content across various verticals. With more than three years of experience, Emmanuel writes articles for websites and businesses that want to see their Google search metrics surge.